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Biomedical Data Visualization and User Interfaces using the PIC-SURE API as a backend service

Welcome to the September 2017 Hackathon information page.

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41K individual 1,3K variables

Patel CJ, et al. A database of human exposomes and phenomes from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Sci Data. 2016 Oct 25;3:160096

API query examples

Run in Postman 101 example by Cartik

Run in Postman Advanced examples by Gabe

Live example UI using PIC-SURE presented by Jason

Slides from opening presentation

Autism Simons Simplex Collection

2,6K probands (affected kid) 6K clinical variables 8.6K full annotated exomes

SSC Clinical Data

Run in Postman

SSC All Exome annotated in SciDB

Run in Postman

SciDB tutorial in Jupyter notebooks Then /readonly/SciDB_tutorial ___


Slack Channel


Slack direct messages

PIC-SURE API core developers Jason Gabe

Database developer Ranjay

Docker developer Andre

DevOps AJ

Or find us in the Lounge 4th floor bettewn 423 and 424

Where is my personal Autism SSC-dev PIC-SURE API key?

1) Register here: to SSC i2b2/tranSMART: https://ssc-dev.hms.harvard.edu

2) after approval, log back in https://ssc-dev.hms.harvard.edu

3) Click on your name (top right), then User profile

4) copy/paste your personal BD2K PIC-SURE API key

5) if you want to use JupyterHUB, click here:  https://ssc-hub.hms.harvard.edu